Written by: Gareth James

Give a man a wife, say goodbye to strip clubs
Wife, give the man a meal = endless foot rubs
If the meal you cook goes to the dog, slap him hard
If the dog also refuses, send it to the yard.

Give a man a car, see him iron his new shirt
If you burn his collar , he’ll be looking for new skirt
That new bit of skirt will be young and wild
That bathroom to be done, will never get tiled!

Give a man a dog and he’s a shared man
Take away the dog, you’ll never be his biggest fan.
The dog he possesses is his second wife.
Unlike you, the dogs no trouble, or strife!

Men are simple beings, easy to please
Pleasing him can be done with ease
To upset a man, can be hard if done with intent 
He would be more upset with how much you spent!!