Written by: Shirley Madeleine

Sitting alone under a Takamaka tree
I’m just gazing at something
I’m thinking about my childhood
And about my future
I’m thinking how my life
Would be tomorrow

Will my life be more wonderful like today?
Will I still past my past laughing
And sharing jokes
With my friends

By looking through the sea
My minds are telling me something
Do you what?
Yes, it is about my youth
About my future
About my views
About my fantasies

Fighting for me to become
What I want to be
By looking at the past
How my life was until today
Yesterday has already die
Today is here
And tomorrow will it come or not

Deep in my heart I know
If I try hard I will succeed
From now on all I need is
Self-confident, hope, faith and courage
Yes, that’s all I need to lead me to my destiny