The Poetry Police have been called! Look out for P.D!!!

Written by: Gareth James

I’m trying a new refreshing write
My blessed  Soul word out of sight 
Maybe my view should truly change
Having a good look at new poetic range

I don’t want to upset the infamous P.D.**
The one who’ll  police me in 3D
Undercover poet, that apparently is not?
If I reach for my pen, he’ll take his shot!

On the run with out my needed soul
I better hide in that deep dark hole.
As he Ass kisses all those lovely ladies
Maybe he wants to have their babies??

Taking advantage of his poetic power ;-)
I bet in reality he’s as sweet as a flower!
What horrid word’s I use without my belief 
If I get caught, he may smash out my teeth!

A poet on the run from a cop so hot?
In P.Ds eyes, a poet, that I am not??
To be or not to be, that is his question?
Fountain Pen to my head, I’ll sign his confession!

Banged up in this inspirational cell
“Not a poet” written on walls of limerick hell
“P.D waz here “ plastered for all to see
As soon as he reaches for his pen, you better turn and flee!!

(Welcome and embrace our new Poet friend
I’ll love and embrace him until the end
I trust he’ll visit my poems, and call them crap
That’s my plan, body armoured up, ........I’ll just have a nap.)

**Poetry Destroyer 

Only Kidding P.D. And welcome :-)

Obviously, i can't tell you what form this is!!