Written by: Patricia Gregory

Not to forgive is to be imprisoned by your past
if you let go of those resentments the pain surely won't last.
Not to forgive is to yield one self to anothers control
if you keep holding onto those feelings you may end up losing your soul.
Not to forgive means the other person holds power over you
if you don't soften up your heart healing can't flow through.
Not to forgive means you may lose out on your life
because you won't allow God to remove all the strife.
Not to forgive will keep you in fear, shame and anger
will not allow you to come down off your triangle.
Not to forgive will keep them handcuffs on your wrists
before you know it your knocked down and balled in a twist.
Not to forgive shows you just ain't got much flavor
once you do show forgiveness God will show you much favor.

Luke 23:34a
Then said Jesus, Father, forgive them; for
they know not what they do....................