I will always recall

Written by: Laura Mckenzie

I remember every feeling every second 
Etched in my memory it will always beckon 
As though it was yesterday vividly acclaimed 
I knew my life would never be the same

But I was ready when the news was given to me
The doctor  “said you are pregnant” what to see?

She showed me the written proof 
I jumped in the hall almost hitting the roof 

My dream came true, my wish, and my bliss
God had heard my prayers I feel his wish
After many years of crying, doubt and sighing
I was to become a parent no more trying

I rushed around like a women that was smitten
Nothing could stop this gaiety, glistening
Now I need to buy books on pregnancy
Baby names, and good diapers with absorbency
Paint the room blue or pink trim?
Change the light switches to dim 

What a whirl win of thoughts and ideas
Now caressing my face were happy tears

So on went the days turning to weeks 
Closer to the day I could hardly see my feet 

The time had made its approach 
Two weeks early its time to get coached 

She made her arrival nearly 14 hours later 
My baby girl, no feeling could have been greater 

 (Inspired by Gareth James "Best day of your life contest"!)