Written by: Jay Smith

I fell through the cracks,
There's no coming back,
I'm on my own now,
My only question is how,
What did I do,
To deserve losing you?
Where do I go,
Now that you are my foe?
When do I rise,
Off the ground to the skies?
Who will I be,
When I'm no longer me?
How is this real,
When I no longer feel?
My wings expand,
I soar off the land,
The wind's in my face,
As I fly from this place,
The air becomes warm,
As I flee from the storm,
I'm forgetting my shame,
As I'm learning my name,
Who says scars don't heal,
That cliche's so puerile,
My scars are now fading,
My past is downgrading,
My skin is now smooth,
My mind now feels soothed,
Like a phoenix to a flame,
I've now found my name,
My old name is abandoned,
And replaced with the name *Wind*