Fairies in the Night

Written by: johneta ohler

Once upon a starry night,
the fairies came to play.
No grown up knew they exist,
no child could resist.
The children went to play and have fun, 
but the fairies had a plan.
For the children who see them must never return,
or parents would hunt them down.
When it came time to go home,
the children couldn't go.
"MOMMA!" "PAPPA!" they would cry to no avail,
their voices lost in the night.
Their hopeless parents looked and looked,
the childeren were never found.
All they found was a mushroom circle in the ground.
Now late at night, the fairies dance,
a dance of sorrow in the grass.
For the children didn't know,
that the fairies wouldn't let them go.
Keep them innocent,
it brings no harm.
But to the parents,
they'd taken their souls.