Spring Fever

Written by: Ann Rich

It sprung sprouting new growth up inside of me a few days ago.
I began to get antsy and fancied a pinch snatching up my hair.
And Lord behold this is rare to see my eyes flaring as I do stare.
So am I seeing what I am supposed to see stricken into a glow?

I have a life you know so take a sniff, sneeze, or just blow.
Oh! So now you snare but who cares when you are not fair?
Oh! So now you share a jest prayer to spread every where?
It seems to jump from you to me steadied by a lifelong flow.

I am all beside my lovely self,
Up in the air my breath will do.
Grounded in a story within itself,
Flowing I am to me as I am to you.

Already I am an abundant over achiever,
So now, I am running wild with spring fever.

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