this is me letting go

Written by: mike patrick

i've got to find a way to take my mind off her
a way to forget what we once were
a way to move on, to let go, once more
i've got to find my way out the door

the one thing i cant stand; to see you lie
one thing you cant resist and i dont know why
one thing that could tear us apart
i give you the key; still you rip out my heart

i try to live life, be happy, and have fun
but lately, of the three, i have none
i'm not saying that i blame you...
but i wish you had told me you were only passing through

i dont know what else to say...its done and over
i dont know maybe i got a defective clover
or maybe my luck has just run out, who knows
i'm just going to shut my eyes as we draw to a close

i had a good time. i lived and i learned
that some things are given... but the best things are earned
im starting to believe that all that was true
...was the love i still have for you and only you.

i just wanted you to know
...this is me letting go