Such is my love..!!

Written by: argho chakraborty

The early morning brings a smile to my face,
Looking forward to see the beauty of the world around..!!
All seems so clear with my mind clear of the haze.;
The glow on my face was lost but now found..!!

Your eyes.. As deep as the sky..,
As bright as the sun, yet as gentle as the moon..!!
As they close world gets dark,
As nothing else is worth looking..;
Such is the beauty of your eyes..!!

Your lips.. As pink as rose bud..,	
It brings smile to all when you smile..!!
Your lips make me wanna live,
A kiss is enough for me to go miles..;
Such is the beauty of your lips..!! 

Your heart.. As pure as a child’s laughter..,
It gives room for all who needs..!!
Your heart can make one wanna live,
Today tomorrow and the day after..;
Such is the beauty of your heart..!!

It’s all b’coz of you my dear..;
All seems fine when you are near..!!
I had a dream, a dream that came true..;
You are what I dreamt even before I had you..!!

Now that I have you, who wants to die?
Who wants to go to heaven..??
Who has any regrets and why..??
As I have my angel here with me..;
I have her for now and forever..;
Such is the your beauty .. my love..!!

Such is my love..!!