Sylvia's Surrender

Written by: SillyBilly theKidster

Well Everyone, My Arch Nemesis Sylvia Has Blocked Me, 
so I in return have done the same with she. 
As my good friend Amy said, "Let her wallow in her own guano." 
Now that makes sense to me.

Sigh, I'm going to miss you Sylvia   NOT!! 
You weren't a worthy adversary at all.
You never had a shot.

Bye Bye Sweetie

PS: One last thing Sweetie Pie
I infected your computer with a virus.
Can you say, "Computer, Bye Bye"

It won't be long now Sylvia, 
you've probably already noticed your computer's performance is getting poorly, as the virus 
spreads and eventually renders your computer absolutly useless. Now, go work the streets 
like I most certainly know that you do, so you can earn enough cash to purchase another. 
Mess with me or any of my friends again and I'll infect your new computer as well. Yeah 
that's right, ya didn't know I had that ability did ya you stupid witch.

Dedicated Always In Memory of Sylvia:

           BRAVO! BRAVO Amy! We put it to an end.
           One less bully on the Soup! High Five Me My Friend!

"The war of words ended. Victory Was Mine!
Time to do the noble thing. Time to Kiss and Say Goodbye."