The Money Tree

Written by: Danny Nunn

The economy is sagging and times are hard
The wolves are hungry, we are feeling the bite
A time to pull together, not pull each other apart
Where i bank is on a tough boulevard
Filled with drug addicts, thugs looking for a fight
Acting like fools who think that they are smart

Front of the bank sits out in plain view
Back side, a parking lot and a ATM machine
People come and go, business as usual
But the thieves are watching what they do
Then waiting to pounce and strip them clean
Acting like beggars, but really criminal

First of the month, time for the Social Security check
Say an elderly Hispanic lady comes to draw her money out
Seeing on of the bums she says, "Oh mi pobre hijos"
Taking her coin purse and giving him a dollar, she is in for a wreck
The next thing she knows, knocked to the ground, no time to shout
The bandits are gone with her money without a adios

Stunned and dazed, her glasses knocked from her face
They are no where around, vanished into thin air
Struck like lighting and a clap of thunder
Cops are called, but they find no trace
All that is left is the pain from the pair
A storm drain a cross from the parking lot, they went down under

To "The Crack house", when they come out of the other side
For some strange reason the cops never have  a clue
But can happen to you and me
"The Tunnel " is where the thieves live and hide
So then it is party time for them and the crew
Tomorrow, the hungry wolves will be in the shade of the money tree