I Am..(Tagged by raul, now i'm tagging Elaine george).

Written by: Abe Lopez

I’m a young boy A single mother’s son I’m a young beach beaten by a tsunami Sent by an undersea earthquake delivering ripples of death Carrying my mother and hers out to sea Ravaged sands asking the sunset to reveal the secrets of the sunrise I’m a father to a wonderful child A beautiful wife’s husband I’m the love in each rain drop of a gentle rain Nurturing arid hearts with the moisture of my words Watering seeds of the future with hope The catalyst for the magic of spring I’m a teacher A Painter I’m the strike of a snake My fang: a pen’s nib full of black venom Poisoning compressed cellulose pulp; The anti-venom: beautiful words Administered through the ink gracing the surface A student of verse ~ I am a poet ~ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I was tagged by raul to write a poem that ends with "I am a poet" now I'm tagging Elaine George