Poignant Passage

Written by: Sue Mason

Twisted trail of opportunities
to grow, progress, change,
to gain lifes' meaning.
Adversity builds character,
a character once proclaimed
after learning all their pain
was past, as grist for a mill.
Past to ... bread?
When life hands you lemons
and you make lemonade,
do the nickels mean more than those
thrown in the hat of the corner beggar?
Better to give than receive is said
as lifes' curtain comes crashing
upon the dead and our collective ... why?
as an eye to write it all
pretends to the realm of poetess
feeding a need that will surely furnish
the landfills of today
or the cyberspace of tomorrow
and tomorrows' tomorrow.
Only a distant bird
passing by drifting clouds
holds a promise of meaning
in this madness.