Written by: Tanya Jenkins

Mother earth
Living like a solider here
Standing in the thickness of another storm
Holding steady as the winds, turmoil blow me
Bobbing and weaving to out run the hits
Stumbling I stare into the eyes 
Of the belly of the beast
He has cease in combating with me
 Because he thinks I’m a weakling
Like the rest of his team
A solider is what I scream 
As I take my sword and take 
This fight to the streets
As I run to the left he tries to corner me 
I run to right and then I strike him in his knee
He falls as did Goliath with David
I strike him again only this time in his head 
Realizing that when the brain is dead 
The body must do the same
I bathe in his blood marking my body 
With this victorious moment
1 for mankind and zero for the beast
I realize this victory is not my alone it is for 
Sean, Abraham and Ms. Thompson son
I write their names with the blood 
Of this so called adversary
At last there is peace 
Because what I killed
Were the lies that they implanted in me 
Through the airwaves, magazines, web cams and cable TV
See their visualization of who I’m suppose to be is
 Unrealistic to an idealist like me
I am 
Mother Earth