I Ain’t Ranchin’ No More

Written by: Glen Enloe

Oh, the cattle herd’s down
But not the price in the store,
You can’t make a livin’—
I ain’t ranchin’ no more.

I ‘member my granddad
In those ranch days of yore,
How he just seemed to scrape by—
I ain’t ranchin’ no more.

But he told them stories
Of longhorns shore to shore,
Glory days of trail drives
We don’t have anymore.

Dad took over the ranch
When death came to gramp’s door,
We all knew nothin’ else then
Like those that came before.

Yes, nothin’ is easy
And when it rains, it does pour—
Now I’m runnin’ the ranch
And just feelin’ heartsore.

So we’re sellin’ the herd—
It’s all too much of a chore—
Can’t make no good livin’—
I ain’t ranchin’ no more.

I ain’t movin’ to town
For cash sweepin’ a floor—
I’m still cowboy at heart—
Jest ain’t ranchin’ no more.