Who I am

Written by: laura Hew

I have a fear of closeness
My heart has become nocturnal
I hide my smiles like they are secrets
I take midnight walks underneath
Dazzling starlight chandeliers
I traverse quietly in the shadows
Hoping that no one will take notice of me
Because you see compliments make me uneasy
I run far from any sentiments of intimacy
There always is the comfort of safeness when you are lonely
Stretching myself like a leopard lazily among the mists
I get lost in all the stories that my poetic mind imagines
Inspired to create worlds where I am the untamed
Fearless of whatever or whomever life could bring
I will carve the name Poetess into the sand
The eternal imprint will remind the world of who I am
Because without my sense of self assurance
I am like a swan who has become flightless