a woman's day

Written by: alisa cook

on this bright and beautiful day today i set here quietly thinking as my thought's run away
thinking of all the joy and love that i have in my life, and all the bad that hung around i will 
think of no more what went wrong. or why's.
this year i will live in nomore lie's i'll pick up my head and what's left of this ole heart and 
start a new life of joy and better hope not to let this heart out of line but to bind it here in 
this new time.
i'll start today not writeing a book ,not telling you what happen only writeing a new page in 
my heart giveing my heart a clean start. 
i'll find joy in the out door life my love we go to liveing my life ,when someone call's this time 
in my ear it wont go pass friendship you hear?
i'm done with heartache and thew with pain and a lie come's with shame. 
so keep the roses and texts and call's cause this lady here this time wont fall . 
i'll keep my love for great'er friend's ,for family ,and god above .
this time around they'll be no shame , or gossip leading the lie's  for i learn't my lesson just 
the same so all you love's that are looking for fame stay away from me cause i wont live in