Serial sweetheart

Written by: Laura Mckenzie

She is watchful and ambitious in a nail biting fury
Another new victim another story

She pulls him in and caresses his mind
There in the darkest of nights where she finds

Keys are clicking faster and wild
The pupils of her eyes grow and her beat is riled

A tale and a lie or two, perhaps
A phone numbers and address now check out the maps

What to share where to go from here?
What will I say what will I wear?

A dab of makeup and perfume on her wrist
Her heart is rushing the thrill persists

Last but not least on go her black heel 
Her mind is moving like a spinning wheel 

Down the street she makes her way 
A smile of nervousness and she’s ready to play
Will he be there will he look like his picture? 
She wonders if he’ll like her or will he be her stricture

So they met and they smiled and carried on with there conversation 
In the quiet of their minds falling to deeper into temptation
He took a chance and asked her to go home 
Her eyes were perky and eager to roam
His lips were sweet his hands were warm 
Soon enough it was time to perform

He turned his back to pour the wine 
A chill of madness ran up her spine
She pulled out her bag and found the dagger 
And struck him in back where he stood and staggered
She finished the deed and ran the course
She had to hit him with a powerful force
Her mind was cleared and free from the rush 
She cleaned up her hands and watched his blood run in a gush 

His fluids continued to prevail across the floor
On she went with no apathy or shame
Beware of the serial sweetheart she kills for fame   

                                                                 ( Fiction)