Battle of The Sexes

Written by: Kevin Sabay

All armored in gear of silver, he stands tall at the battlefield of war. She carelessly awaits for the hour, watching him and learning his many flaws. He tells her that she can forfeit at any time, regardless of the state that they are in. She giggles a laugh of mock, as she rolls her eyes. Reading his face like a book, she considers her tactics and skills. The time has come, the bell has rung and the battle has now commenced. She sees him coming her way, and as he runs he questions why she still stands there in such deviance. As he approaches her he sees her drop to her knees, she looks up at him with a look of helplessness. She questions him, asking away a series of confounding mind controlling questions. This devious tactic was that of the opposite gender, as she cried and cried he couldn't but to surrender. As he went to her side to offer his comfort, she quickly ended his life without commiseration, and stood over his lifeless body, declaring victory. As she pridefully gloated, she leaned in and gave him a kiss tasting of mere repugnance and scorn, they say hell hath no fury but this was not the end he gasped his last breath of air as he swiftly ended her life with a feel of satisfaction. Unfortunately his fate was in her hands as well as hers in his so there they laid, him and her, both dead.