Written by: Samir Georges

I came upon a regal maiden
Draped in a pinkish hew of light,
She sat nestled in a bed of auburn hair
Checkered and entwined with lilacs 
Her supple form , raised up on slender elbows
Her body in embrace with the light, chin held high
Like a stone, given away only by her neck
Lifted to the world like a neck awaiting a headsman;

My first fancy was to reach up and take her in my arms
But upon approach
I feared the razor sharp thorns that nestled her
The vipers and the shadows that circled her

So I crept up to this bed of thorns and vipers
To the sound of my shuffling, she looked down upon me with a knowing gaze
And I unrolled my heavy tongue and said to her
"Name me a name, so that I can remember you for who you are"
Then she smiled the smile of a wizened parent
And sang unto my aching form
"I have had many a name,
From the passion of the moment between star-crossed couples,
to the pride of a warrior on his countries soil
From the cradling arms of mothers
And the willful bond of brothers"

And so I knew her for lady love
And I braced the thorns and wrestled the vipers.

© Samir Georges