Thirteen Takes

Written by: Olusegun Ojo

When caught mid-flight
End to bloat against gravity
Thanks, rejection is not of the earth

My eyes are welling
I won’t hold back with shame 
Even warriors often times loosen, weeping

A good mother’s breast thrust
Not in for the oldest trade 
Gives the child, from infant, the best trust 

The sexton is a pagan
Lushness of the hashish field
Makes his story from Canaan

Morals pillar nobility
But nature spares by – 
Insofar as the choice is moderacy

Over me they seek to keep 
They can shape me, me too a shaper
Just that I start a peep

A quest to solve the world 
Challenged to fix my head 
Get me defined – no word

Launch talks for luck
One screen sets parts 
Grace, lone-stands, earns buck

Formless strife made me worry
An envoy made as of succubus
Made me awoke being sorry

He who sounded the gong
Has done it wrong
And rhythm’s lost in our song

The earth, about the Sun, rotates
Science, my house remains on its plot
Lies make the pupils dilate

Africa! Here some questions
Khartoum, Mogadishu, Malaria, HIV, Genocides . . .  ?
Orients through Occident find me solutions

Muses – a kind that’s potent
Might make me hit the laureate’s podium
And be free of amateurish latent!