Faded Silver

Written by: Jessica D'Agostino

I wore this ring, with one, simple thought.
That one day, it would become real.
The power I felt inside of me
was something I could not conceal. 
It made me feel so special and rare.
A true gem, was what I was told.
But now the ring sits on top of my desk.
It's tarnished, weak and old.
Faded silver, is what I call it. 
Never to be worn again. 
This useless piece of unwanted jewelry
was once special...Between me and one man. 
Even though he may no longer be within my reach,
the ring still lingers in sight.
Sometimes I feel I should toss it away,
like I was tossed, late one night.
Maybe it should just be put away
where I cannot ever see it.
Bury it deep, along with my thoughts.
I thought I fell in love, but now I know I can beat it.
Love is such a powerful word..
Tossed around like it truly means nothing.
Along with this ring, I cherished those words.
But now, that's all it is...A Ring......