The Back Room

Written by: Jessica D'Agostino

You pull me into
the darkest part of
the back room.
My sight starts to go,
as you grab my hand
and lead me, as I
follow, willingly.
At first, I feel warm air,
then cold.
I know where you are
taking me,
and I like it.
I know what your
intentions are;
I feel the vibe.
You tell me to close
my eyes;
and once again, I feel
warmth on my shoulders.
I can feel a slight brightness,
surrounding us.
Your intentions are quite
I can sense them.
You tell me to open my eyes.
I'm surrounded by candles,
lilacs and roses.
I should have smelled them,
as we entered the room.
In the middle of this secluded room,
I see a blanket with petals on it.
A bottle of wine, soaking in ice.
You let go of my hand and walk
over to a stereo.
The disk you throw on,
are memories of us.
The first song, is ours.
You come back to me,
put your arms around my neck,
and we start to sway.
You lean down and kiss me gently,
on my lips.
You bend down, and whisper
something in my ear.
I'm not quite sure I heard correctly,
but I believe it was "I love you".
I start to cry, and you tell me you saw
this coming.
After all, you know how emotional
I can get.
I start to feel weak in my knees,
and you put your arms around my
waist, pulling me closer.
As the song starts to end, you
walk me over to that blanket.
On this night, I knew I never
wanted to be with anyone else.
I wanted to lose myself, in you;
in this dark room.
I could see myself in your
sparkling eyes.
And I knew right at that
this is it. This is where I want
to be.