if i only had a dream

Written by: brandy megens

if i had a dream it would be to be unique
to be able to turn black and white in the night light
to have arms that stretched long enough to hug the entire globe
with vision so clear that i could see into tomorrrow
and hearing so great that the deaf could communicate
with taste buds so intense that the worst would still taste like the best
and so rich that i could buy poverty from the human waste line
to have hair so long that the crippled could slide home on
and a heart so big it would beat for mankind
to live in a castle with a million rooms to shelter homeless form the storm
and a refridgerator so enormous the food keeps going on and on
my brain will be gigantic and will take over this corrupt world
pinky and the brain shall run for office and a woman will riegn
since this is only a dream that wont come true 
i guess i also dream of pigs that really flew