An Arm's Length Dream

Written by: Jeralynn Clark

An Arm’s Length Dream

Sometimes, frivolous dreams of turquoise waters and white beaches
Swaying palms amidst sea grape borders, bronzing sun,
warming my pale white skin. I would sip lemonade, soothe my body in laziness,
my mind in boredom. And when it is over, I dream of when I can return.

Sometimes, the dream of power motivates my talents.
Quickly to be realized, a task I am not suited for, but dream
of what I would do, if only….
I would probably fail, for my nature is fair, full of empathy.

I dream of fortune, because that is the answer to all of life’s problems.
Or so they say, I do not believe, so fortune eludes me.
Knowing myself well, I would give it all away,
for there is always someone in need.

But in my silent dreams, the ones I feel within my heart;
the dreams I would perform with no hesitation; 
the dreams I dream in prayer,
of  little faces drawn with darkened eyes.

The Orphans, starving, the hungry, the crippled.
Thirsty in the African deserts, tiny children,
scattered by disaster, wandering from disease,
clinging to each other, for there is no one else

I dream I have arms so long I can embrace them all.
I calm their fears, heal bodies, and teach them love.
I would dry their tears, have them feast and feed their souls
Their darkened eyes soon become bright.

And while my arms are stretched around the world of children,
no longer orphans, for they would have me.
A Mother, a protector, a guardian,
And they would know LOVE.