Once Was Lost

Written by: Ronald Bingham

Sometimes loneliness is to be our only fate,
 in this cruel world where opinions of man lay so heavy upon our plate.
When our faith is put to the test,
 of who is right, and who's God is the best.

Each man must answer these questions themselves, and be willing to accept whatever their fate,
 for like a flower in season, time never waits.
Our physical lives last only a while and then we must leave,
 hopefully leaving behind some who will remember and those who will grieve.

The only thing we take with us, is what is locked away in our mind,
 whether they be memories of good or bad all else we leave behind.
My Bible says to me, things that soothe my soul in a world I don't seem to fit anymore,
 and each page is peace, as I wait, and know now what God has in store.

He is my Comforter, my Rock, my Salvation, my Beacon of Pure Light,
 He leads me through the darkness of those long lonely nights.
He awakes me to new hopes, and strengthens my day,
 without God in my life, I would be just another lost soul who can't find his way.

So each day I strive before I leave this world behind,
 that I've done all I can and am not lead by the blind.
Prove all things and build your home upon rock,
 and know for a fact that we all have only so many minutes wound into our mortal clock.