just say the words to me

Written by: david moananu

even though i'm far away,I will never break your
I'd always thought of you as my best friend
you made me smile always,you shown me happiness.
even when we were kids we was always together.
you'd always talked to me.
even when i'm sad or mad,you made me feel better
you'd always waited for me after school for me.
you talk to me about your dreams of being the best
in everything.

I use to laugh,she'd got mad all the time at me.
everyone thought we'd was boyfriend girlfriend.
but we was always laughing about it.
but our friendship was diminishing away.you didn't
come around no more.
you were in a group where kids who were cooler than me.

so I went my way and made it big,I never forgot about you.
I want you to say something to me,if you wanted to say something
to me,say it.
I knew my life would be lonely when your gone.
I have so many friends,but I want you back in my life.
I wish one day you can plan to listen to me.
all my life I was searching for somebody in life.I know we 
can be friends again