Colors of the Sky

Written by: Carolyn Henderson

Have you ever scanned the sky,
questioning, reflecting, wondering why,
at the dawning of the day,
what the colors seem to say?

As the sun peeps through the dark,
colors rival singing larks.
Shy and meek they seem at first,
growing softly to a burst.

Pastels of yellow, pink and white
delicately escort morn to light.
Blues, lavenders, softly entwined, 
dawn in infancy begins its find.

Day will grow as we must do,
mature to colors - a deeper hue.
reds and oranges, mildly bold,
paint a story - ne’er fore told.

Yellows, blacks in mixture too,
hints and tints stirred in the brew.
Hues more vivid than the morn,       
stronger, deeper, colorfully warm.

As the day fades back to night,
shadowy gray's the appetite.
Life’s a day of many blends,
colors ranging, thick and thin.

As the night begins its reign,
twinkling stars come out again.
No lovelier image can one pretend,
than viewing nature as it transcends.

@ March 12, 2010            
Carolyn R. Henderson