First Day

Written by: Tanika Cooks

I’ll give her an apple
that’s what mom said,
Girls like apples
She’ll smile and eat it and give me a star
The others will wail and cry and growl 
I want a star 
I want a star
But she'll just say quiet and they’ll all stop
She'll say look and point to the clock
And we’ll all gather
Sit and listen 
To a tale she spins from air
Her hands moving fast and voice changing too
Captivated we sit 
We listen 
Little statues with eyes that shine
Rainbow candy falling fast 
In the land of here and past
Goblins dancing round and round
Princess locked inside the town
Big bad wolf, pigs and frogs
Pumpkin turned into a coach 
I'll raise my hand and say 
My mom said 
Girls like apples 
She will smile