Written by: Jeff Bresee

It seems so very long ago and yet like yesterday
We stood as one and made the vow to love and to obey

Then sealed this vow as things are done ‘until at death we part’
And at the time it never crossed my mind or found my heart

That such a vow has not the power to stand throughout the years
For as time passed, dreams turned to ash and laughter turned to tears

Tears born of little things that slowly took the will to strive
Until a pointless game it seemed to keep our love alive

But near the end a whisper came, “Don’t give up. There’s a way”
“The Savior died and rose again, and so will you someday”

And I’m not sure just why I‘d never had that thought before
But like a hand, it reached inside and opened up the door

And showed me what the Lord has always meant for love to be
A seed that spouts in life…but then grows on eternally
                                                                      …Jeff Bresee