Judgment Day

Written by: Danny Nunn

For some, final justice of the last day here on Earth
For some it is a day that they always dread
We all have our ideas on how that day will be
The last account of our final worth
The day that last judgment is read
One could say it is the final decree

I for one, think it will be a short hearing for all
No fancy courthouses and lawyers running around
Just the defendant and The Man Upstairs
Some waiting for the final ball to fall
Heads hanging down looking at the ground
Others knowing that he has answered all of their prayers

I envision, a trap door and an elevator where we stand
No long speeches, just testimony taken
The Judge know what we are going to say before we get there
For some the trap door, others The Promise Land
For some elevator music, others will be forsaken
It will be his way, fair and square

Some will try to pull the wool over God's eyes on last time
Thinking that they have a judge in every pocket
remember now it is by His Book
He is The Judge and knows every crime
Because that day we will all be on his docket
It will give one a last chance to take another look

Around the world every second people will die
And that day God does not have time to listen to another lie from you 
Tell it right or be on your way
That is the day that we all see God eye to eye
But again that is all up to you
And that is why they call it JUDGMENT DAY