Things My Father Taught Me

Written by: Michael Poyntz

Things my father taught me
he never wrote down
was not the writing type
tough as nails he was my dad
a word of praise made you feel big as brass 
one glance was quick to cut you down to size
I lied only once to him.. a shame I will take to my grave
years later a disappointment he took to his
that man struggled hard every day
worked his fingers raw to the bone
never heard him ever complain
I learned that your word
at any age is all that a man
truly has to give and that pride
can never be taken from you 
it is something only a fool lets slip away
he never gave or took anything for free 
hugging and such that just was not his way
but when he crawled wearily into his bed late at night
I knew the meaning of a hard days pay
and when that man’s boot's hit the floor 
I knew that the dad I loved....was home