So she comes again…

Written by: Jay Anderson-Taylor

As she left I did shed a tear... now it’s so hot I can barely breath! 

And as he left I watched each leaf turn colors as they fell to the ground… as I wondered 

when I would see her again? The winds bellow and blow as the fall turns to snow. As 

freeze over and as some animals leave for a warmer place to stay… as I did wonder, 

shall we meet again? As the days did get shorter and the nights longer, must we all be 

trapped inside our winters den as winter rages and while the ice joins in. 

Never will I whine again, if only she would come back here again! 

As I did lay inside my den one cold day…I notice that the ice and snow did began to 
melt, as 

days went by I started to hear the sounds of birds singing in the air, as tiny little buds 

plants began to appear…and the trees start to bud as sounds of Mr. Summer did 
danced in 

the air. Could it be? So she comes again, as if she heard me calling out her name…

back again my dear, Lady Spring! Never will I complain again?