In and Out

Written by: Clayton Poole

Breath in, pain within,
Restless rattling of wracked lungs.
Breath out, pain out,
Released relaxation of soft flesh.
Breath in, thoughts in,
Never speaking out, always hiding true thoughts.
Breath out, thoughts out,
Calibrated and monitored, dirtying the truth.
Breath in, limbs in,
Staying home, sleeping life away.
Breath out, limbs out,
Running, jumping, participating.

In and out, Out and in. Breathing is such a simple, such and ordinary, necessary thing that we all 
do, and yet it belies and reveals so much of a person it's startling. A sharp intake of breath, a 
reluctant gasp, labored breathing, soft sighs. The breath of life is known as that for many 
reasons and one, because with every breath we tell the tale of ourselves. So breath easy 
friends, life rolls on.