The Poetry Pub

Written by: John Patrick Robbins AKA Gonzo

My friends who Ive missed ive been gone awhile working on a book 
and while working on that book i had a idea i know thats scary huh? 

Well I wanted to start a group or site that just wasnt out there for poets a get togather 
almost bar or pub enviroment.
a place free of the clowns who come on these sites only to hassle fellow poets.

And I have created just that a invite only site or as i call it the poetry pub.
Its got chat rooms message boards music you can upload photos
start your own groups.

i started it i run it so  all i need is people to be part of it.
its free to join and its invite only please check it out if ya wanna be part of a one of a kind 
site    then send me a soup mail  all i need is for yato send me your email and i'll send ya a 
invite its that easy Fellow souper gary la buda  is already a memeber and if you have any 
doubts just ask him about the site 

please join it will be something you truely wont regret 
thank you my friends  drop me a line and come join  the poetry pub.
grab a pint and join some good friends 

once again no catches  no bs please contact me 
thank you my friends