Written by: Woodrow Lucas

The Paradox of Parenthood is that although most parents dearly love their children and
don’t want them to suffer, it is they who often make them suffer the most.

For although parents try their hardest, every mistake they make, creates a scar in the
fabric of the child’s soul.

And as time passes, parasites and perpetrators exploit the scars to create gaping wounds
of torment.

I tell you, I have left many scars on my progeny,

Scars she won’t remember until she is older.

So tonight I prayed for God to protect her, and broke down in tears out of sadness for all
the women with gaping wounds that I have met along the way, and my selfish wish that my
daughters will never know their suffering.

And I called my Autumn Sunrise down, and apologized with tears in my eyes for things done
and left undone,

And she said with a mixture of compassion and confusion, “That’s alright Dad.”

But I know there will come a time when she may be haunted by the memory of my mistakes.

But I tell you, in that moment,

In that moment of my tearful apology,

I cut through to her soul, and convinced her of my love, despite my negligence and

And one day, when she looks back.

Yes, she might wish that I was different in this way or that.

But she will know that I loved her, and thus know the peace of acceptance.

As I live,

I am convinced that it is often the weakest of men that do the greatest things.

Because in our weakness, we realize that without God, we are nothing.

And in that knowledge we do the impossible.