Written by: Albert Price

God blessed me with a grandma of many talents,

And one of them always left me thoroughly amazed.

It was the way she collected square scraps of cloth

To make quilts that seemed worthy of praise.

Each with its own colors and textures,

Of rare beauty in pattern and design,

She formed them with love

Into a tapestry of aesthetics sublime.

These squares of fabric became a work of art

In my grandma’s talented and trained hands.

These treasures have become a fond remembrance,

Over the years since my grandma left for elysian lands.

It intrigues me how these patchworks of varying textures

Became such sources of hospitable warmth and amenity.

They stir my sentimental thoughts about many distinct folk

That I recall from my youth who became my extended family.

They kept me feeling comfortable and warm with attentive care,

Much like the quilts my grandma made with many a fabric square.