A Circular Man

Written by: Rakib Uddin Ahmed

Endless life, extreme little time though!
At these days-
Breaking down comes at the belief of the after death!
After doing this, that & all; it is meant-
Haven’t found me myself!
My dream, my veiling, 
My past, present, this notebook of the poems...
All are faded one day in the womb of the time;
And, I myself too!
I’ve got the birth in a sudden though!
And, the Death! Untamable! Nothing is to be done for it...!

How you cry saying Love, Love & Love so much...
What does belong there for your wants & getting?
The life that wants to get everyday, will be been for short days,
The life that wants to give tomorrow, will be been for thousand years.

A little some tiresome...
Is running behind as the Arab horse,
I’ve been running at the circumambulation of the history.
In this wheel of mine, I’m a circular man.


March 10, 2010
Kallyanpur, Dhaka-1207