Written by: Shirley Madeleine

If you could gossip
How many secret
Would you reveal?
If you could declaim
How many mysteries
Would you confess?
If you could talk
How many stories
Would you tell?

So many pains
Sadness, fear, pressure,
Crime, violent, love,
Disgraceful, accusation
And all sort of emotion
You have witness
So many admire your beauty
So many disregard you
Your fauna and flora
Makes you so proud

Your beauty is one
That no one can define
Everything you possess
Makes you so rich
How cruel of the human race
To destroy you
And your magnificent beauty
You made the world a better place to live
In your forests, in your valley
In your desert, by your sea and river
Let me describe an amazing adventure
One thing that I really want to know
Ever since I’m living is...’re secret
Yes! I want to discover
The secret of the nature!