The Devil You See

Written by: Christy Chiang

Why are you so afraid of me
Of who I am growing to be
Flashing in your eyes I see
Fear and uncertainty

Why such irony
Such hypocrisy
Why were you so much nicer to me
When I denied the Almighty?

I've looked and looked
Until I found this Book
Of peace, of so many marvels
Which you call lies of the devil

I've tried so hard to hide
To purge these thoughts from my mind
Afraid, so afraid
Of what was burrowing inside.

Who is this devil you see
All I see
Is me.

Why are you free to preach
But act against what you teach
While I mask myself in guarded disguise
While the flower of my faith wilts and dies?

We all have a path to choose
Roads that claim to lead us to Truth
Trials Allah put us through
Then all that we used to do

And that we used to say
Are laid bare on that final day
Before the angels' searching eyes
Allah alone will judge you and I
For Allah is a better judge
Than you and I. 

So till then won't you
Won't you look closely 
Are you afraid to find
A little of yourself 
In these eyes of mine?