The Pain Has Stopped

Written by: Michael Poyntz

The pain has stopped
I ‘m off my knees can hear myself
whisper…. I’ll be okay…please let me be okay
even if it's just for ….today

it’s funny how life goes
one day you have it all
the next nobody  knows
………you  or cares who you are
what you do  or where you been 
the autographs you've signed
when people were easily wooed 
but now, they only care about 
the color of your sins 

as for me I ‘ll stand again
on my own again …but I’ll stand again
but i am on my knees to say 
the pain has finally stopped

got to a point where life did not
matter….where going on was a debate
dragged me down life’s long ladder
left me there
…. to cry
and I did and I have 
….and perhaps tomorrow i will again
but no more tears... today , thankfully
….the pain is gone for now