Crown writes for Mum, Oluremilekun

Written by: Ayomikun Crown

To my Mother, Oluremilekun.
A rare kind of woman,
A creation made differently from other creations
by the Creator.
Thank you for enduring the pains
it took to bring me into this world
and nurturing me with all I could ever need to
survive the hurdles and challenges of life.
Thank you!!!

To my Mother, unique and irreplaceable
In you I have found womanhood personified
Blessed of God and cherished by humans
Thank you for giving me all the supports
...and guiding me
lovingly correcting me when mistaken
So as not to derail in my journey in life.
Thank you!!!

To my Mother, a jewel immeasurable.
Carved by the greatest craftsman
into an awesome piece of artwork
Thank you for standing by me
Through all the pains i caused you,
making sure that I made the right decisions
and finding my path in life.
Thank you!!!

To my Mother, a true mother, wife, sister and friend
Thank you for standing and building the family
when the tempest of life almost carried it away.
You had an option, as a beautiful woman,
to have abandoned us and moved on with your life,
when the temptation and pain almost became 
...unbearable but you did not.
Thank you!!!

Mummy, if there would be another world
and an opportunity to make a choice in the next life,
the only thing I would ask the Sovereign Lord
is to be your son again.
Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!