The Feather

Written by: Emily Fontes

I look at my life 
As I see nothing but my past
So many people die
To heavy of a mass

As I sigh, but not in relief
As I watch as everything disappears around me,
No running, no laughter, and I can’t hear a sound,
As I slowly, but hardly fall to the ground

The heroes as they call them,
They come in haste
As I can’t even sigh
As I can hear the sound of worry 

No thoughts run in my mind
As I lay there as they put needles in me
I feel as if people can see my soul out of my eyes
As death passes my face of discovery

I’ve always thought that a feather was a lie
They might be little but when they deplete over time
As my families disappointed and your friends just left
All alone you would have to face DEATH