Written by: kenny malone

an old man sits in the corner and plays
his beet up guitar seen some days
he is singing songs of peasants and kings
the people are hanging on the story he brings

he goes by old billy , old billy mcbride
wherever he goes that guitar is by his side
he walks the long road an rests under the sky
you might hear him or see him walking on by

he been in the grand halls and played with the best
all the players gamblers and most of the rest
the rum ran freely and gin took neet
and the potions made by the men on the street

so billy mcbride sing your song with pride
to all who happen to fall by your side
to tell it and breath it and think it you do
and this is the song i wrote down for you

r.i.p my good friend bill who i will never forget ... luv you gumbo ..k