Just Yesterday

Written by: Michael Poyntz

Just Yesterday

I’m thinking about you yesterday
about the last words I heard you say
this is not goodbye my love 
……just farewell for now
remember last call at the Hog's Breath Inn
our first kiss...that truly magical kiss
I need to feel you in my arms
….once again

I missed you before the train 
had left the station
everything that ever mattered to me 
fleeing as if truth were a mere reflection 
someone I loved completely at hello
without hesitation you had all of me at hello
the next time that I hold you
...I will never let go.

I’m thinking about you today
about the next words I would say
if I held you in my arms
…one more time
I don’t care where we’ve been 
who we’ve loved  who we've taken in
I need to hold you alone in my life
….for all times

I miss the softness of your breast
where you pulled my lips to rest
talking  ‘til dawn…sharing passion ‘til dusk
love devoured as if we would never love again
gentleness that knew no limit..no end
I miss the sweetness of your kiss
the sanity of walking in the rain
...side by side heartbeat to heartbeat