Real Change

Written by: Mike Butler

Hungry! Written on your face and on the
Brown dilapidated piece of cardboard 
Resting on the ground next to your starving 

Feet—your only possession. Your face is worn 
And torn like the clothes you wear. "Real Change!"
Lingers on your lips as you lay the

Light piece of literature into the palms
Of empty hands. You're on a mission to
Create opportunity and a voice for the

Homeless. The man on the cover adorned in 
An Armani suit asks for our assistance. The
“Real Change” you seek lies in the fabric

Of my pockets in the form of forgotten wishes at the
Bottom of the fountain you sleep next to every
Night—freezing. What misfortune caused your house

To be so rank?  Maybe your violent delights had very
Violent ends? My heart, heavy as the earth 
orbits your tired core.
I have things, simple things, pillows, blankets, 
Food—things not so simple to you. But, when I 
Quietly pass by you, all I ever bear to give you is a