White Vegas

Written by: Skyy Allen

Breaking the sky with the object of my affection
Peering down the wishing well
Leaves me to wonder about heaven & hell?

Who's to tell of our destruction
For we are vessels 
With volatile intentions

Never wanting to be outdone
Life's a cabaret
A masquerade of fun

When the sun goes down
The debauchery begins
Spinning, spitting, cursing the wind

Visitor beware!
Of the devil hare
Hiding beneath your drunkards chair

Play the question in your hand
Spit red lightning
You're beginning to unfold

That hooker sitting in your tiger lap
Makes me nauseous
Makes me laugh!

Vegas can be so vicious
Devouring young hopefuls
And naive fools

Sitting on a shanty stool
I awaken to a drumming in my head
Wishing I were dead.