Escaping Las Vegas

Written by: casper chubs

Lets just leave this lightning city tonight
Run away from everything and leave it behind
We could run to the ocean out of their sight
The time of our lives is what we would find

Because baby i cant keep pretending
Its my whole heart that im lending
Messages of eternal love is what im sending
To my sensitive feelings im tending

Las vegas isnt where my heart stays
We must find the world's borders
Next to yours is where my head lays
We shall never have to take orders

And when your sick of me ill change
I could become a punk
Or suddnely be into funk
If you want weird i could be strange

We could tell eachother fictitious stories
And laugh about how sick our imaginations are
This relationship is like the richest of quarries
Toegether we shine like the brightest star

So lets get out of this city of lights
Lets leave and make new friends
We could do it we have rights
And be together until this life ends