Sigourney’s Perfection: Death and the Maiden

Written by: Johnathon Souders

Sigourney’s Perfection

A sequestered home
A wife, a husband
A doctor, the dinner guest
A gun. This the cast.

Friendly banter fallows introductions.
Lawyer husband talks shop.
Doctor politely responds to coffee,
Wife goes to kitchen, listening.
Doctor quotes a poet’s line.
Wife freezes in place.

The actress impales with her craft,
As she moves her character to vengeance.
To her bedroom for the implement.
Cold steel control, 45 realized.
Her monster sound returns.

Once young, alive with opinions.
Was arrested for her voice,
Blindfolded, tortured, by a low mock care.
Tending to wounds, only to start again.
Violations  with Shubert echoing stone.
The voice in the living room.

She put the gun to his head,
Straddling his lap face close,
As if to kiss, but no, she held his head,
To her piercing eyes, being God
Before the sinner watching him
Flinch for history with no voice.
We wait for the trigger pulled,
Quite in wanting it.

Husband frantic with indecision,
Not trusting her ears for blood.
Doctor begging with denial. 
Sigourney’s perfection.